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Radiant Sands

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Radiant Sands is one Province of Gemea.

Radiant Sands
Radiant Sands
A desert region with Coral-Bloom Trees

Cities 1. Akuna Oasis
Quests 1. Build Radiant Farm, 2. Discover The Truth, 3. Locate the Wizard, 4. Master Craftsman, 5. Purifying the Well, 6. Radiant Sands shrine, 7. Repair the Cloud Catcher, 8. Sage Stone (Radiant Sands)
Animals 1. DipFishIcon.pngDip Fish, 2. 26pxFenicorn, 3. 26pxFulgur Fish, 4. GhostFishIcon.pngGhost Fish, 5. KingFishIcon.pngKing Fish, 6. LaceFishIcon.pngLace Fish, 7. LuckyBronzeFishIcon.pngLucky Bronze Fish, 8. 26pxLucky Silver Fish, 9. LuckyGoldenFish2.pngLucky Golden Fish, 10. NackleFishIcon.pngNackle Fish, 11. PrinceFishIcon.pngPrince Fish, 12. PrincessFishIcon.pngPrincess Fish, 13. 26pxQueen Fish, 14. 26pxYang Fish, 15. 26pxYin Fish
Trees  ? / ? CoralBloomSeedIcon.pngCoral-Bloom Tree
Plants 1. AyvaFlowerIcon.pngAyva Flower, 2. FodderIcon.pngGrass, 3. MushroomIcon.pngMushroom, 4. VineIcon.pngVine
Cats  ? SandyPawIcon.pngSandy Paw
Murk 7x 26pxMurk
Sprites 1. Shades.pngShades, 2. Shore.pngShore
Residents Aaerie, Adele, Edie, Josiah: Akuna Oasis, Kari, Merchant otOK: Akuna Oasis, Old Hurly, Rex, The Wizard Dupples, Violet
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Radiant Sands is a desert region northwest of Sunderwind Wilds. It houses the Old Kingdom and the Cloud Catcher, the location of the main quest. The native tree is the Coral-Bloom Tree and the native animal is the Fenicorn. In the air fly butterflies and caterpillers crawl about the hot sand. Wide reaching sand surfaces are mixed with sandstone mountains. Large leaveless trees with big pointy fruits are growing side to side with thick leaved bushes that are coloured with green and orange circles.


There are two sprites in Radiant Sands

Shades is found at the broken shrine which you need 3 sunglasses to repair. One sunglasses can be found behind some Murk that needs 6 sprites to clear on the western shore, near Akuna Oasis. The rest can be found in Bobbintoff or by crafting.

Shore is found on the northwestern shore of Radiant Sands after going through the tunnels to get to the Akuna Oasis. There is a hanging rock that you need to smash using a mallet to find it.


Radiant Sands Shrine - There is a sprite shrine on the eastern coast of Radiant Sands. You need 3 sunglasses to fix it. (See Notes)

Build Radiant Farm - On the western coast of Radiant Sands is some murk you need to clear. There is a sign post there. You need 15 wood and 8 vine.

Sage Stone-Radiant Sands - There is a sage stone on the the northeastern-most part of the eastern shore. After talking to it you need to plant 5 trees.

Locate the Wizard - the wizard is found in a cave along the northern shore in a niche to the west

Purifying the Well - the well is found inside the Akuna Oasis and you need 5 sprites to clear the murk around it

Repair the Cloud Catcher - encompasses ten smaller quests. After getting the Arcadian Ice, the Spare Parts, and the

Seek the Master Tailor - the Master tailor is in Bobbintoff along the eastern shore in Hearthwind Vale. Speak to Teagin Gabardine. He gives you the next quest.

Find the Moth Sanctuary - The Moth Sanctuary is on the western side of Hearthwind Vale. You need 7 sprites to enter it.

Revive the Moth Sanctuary - You need 3 Celium flowers, 3 Lyabud flowers, and 3 Moonsilk flowers. Give them to the sprite Woodrow

Wait for the Sanctuary to Bloom - Wait two days then come back.

Deliver the moth silk to the tailor - After two days Woodrow will have the silk. Take it back to Teagin Gabardine.

Uncover Information in Inglenook - Inglenook is inside the Shivering Plains. Speak to Adler Waxton.

A Little Color Goes A Long Way-Brewer's Guild - Speak to Qu the Colorful inside Inglenook. You will need 4 Celium flowers and 4 Blue Berries. You can obtain them from nearby traders. You will then need to craft two blue dye using 2 Brewer's Kit, 2 Clay Pots, 2 Celium Flowers, and 2 Blue Berries. After that, you need to set off a Blue Firework.

Finding Arcadia - Before you leave Inglenook, you need to craft one Fiery Boom-Water using 1 Brewer's Kit, 1 Clay Pot, 2 Wood, 1 Coal, and 1 Oil. Anything you don't have you can get from the trader in Ingleton or craft. Leave Ingleton and go straight to the dragon pillar outside of Ingleton. The pillar will show the path to the next one. Follow the pillars and go into Arcadia. The Arcadian Ice is surrounded by ice spikes. There is a large bell behind some breakable ice in a cavern. Ring the bell, collect the ice and Spike.

Seek the Master Constructor - The master constructor is in Cinderton in Numino Peak. Speak to Silvia Waitwright.

Search for Celestial Ore - Inside the Stark Caverns you need to mine 5 celestial ores. Three of them you actually mine from veins. One is given to you by the Sprite Mian and one is given to you by Old Man Wilson. One ore vein is right to the left when you walk in the Caverns, you will need to drop off onto a small ledge. Down the cavern that leads to Mian are some wood walls that you can break, behind them is another ore vein. The last vein is behind a single wood wall in the main cavern, near Old Man Wilson. After giving Silvia the ores, wait three nights for the spare parts.


The Coral-Bloom Tree is the region's native tree, which is grown from a  Coral-Bloom Seed.