What to do about Scruffly

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The player can get this quest from Old Lady Beckett in Bobbintoff after joining the Tailor's Guild.

Task 1: Find Scruffly[edit | edit source]

Old Lady Beckett is upset that her cats ran away. I will talk to the dog's owner and see how I can help.

After talking to Old Lady Beckett talk to either Zoe or Scruffly nearby.

Zoe tells you Scruffly's toy broke so he scared the cats. She asks you to make a new toy for Scruffly and teaches you the recipe for crafting a ToyCatIcon.pngToy Cat.

Task 2: Make a Toy for Scruffly[edit | edit source]

Scruffly wanted to play with the cats because he destroyed his toy. Zoe needs help making more durable toy for Scruffly.

Craft the ToyCatIcon.pngToy Cat using:

You can buy the ingredients from the trader nearby if you don't have them.

Speak with Zoe again. This completes the quest and unlocks the quest The Cat Lady and Her 55 Cats.