Wet Weather Gear, Dear

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The player can get this quest from Polly in Dapplewood Forest. Polly's camp is under a big tree near the river west of Dapplewood Farm.

Task[edit | edit source]

Polly asked if I could bring her something to keep dry in the rain. What could that be?

Polly is shivering and asks for something to keep her dry. You can bring her a RaincoatIcon.pngRaincoat.

You can craft the RaincoatIcon.pngRaincoat yourself if you have already joined the Tailor's guild. You can also buy it from the trader in Arbre Ridge for ValueSign.png191 or the trader in Bobbintoff for ValueSign.png13.

Bring the raincoat to Polly and she will turn into the sprite Glow who joins you. This will complete the quest.