Uncover Information in Inglenook

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This is the first quest in the questline to get the ArcadianIceIcon.pngArcadian Ice to repair the Cloud Catcher. The player will get this quest automatically after completing Purifying the Well and starting Repair the Cloud Catcher quests.

Task[edit | edit source]

I need to travel to The Shivering Plains in the north. There I shall seek out Adler Waxton to get more information on the ArcadianIceIcon.pngArcadian Ice.

Go to Inglenook in The Shivering Plains and speak with Adler Waxton. He will tell you about Arcadia and teach you the special recipe for FieryBoomWaterIcon.pngFiery-Boom Water. You will need to pour that brew on the pillar in front of Inglenook.

This starts the quest Finding Arcadia.