It's a trap!
Used in the trapping of things.
Value ValueSign.png29
Crafting 1x TwineIcon.png 2x BundleOfSticksIcon.png

Trap is a craftable key item made by Wayfarers. The player can get the recipe for Trap from Benedict Plantatrap during his quest Trapping and trading.


The player can craft a trap from 1x TwineIcon.pngTwine and 2x BundleOfSticksIcon.pngBundle Of Sticks after getting the recipe from Benedict Plantatrap.

Trap can also be purchased from various traders across Gemea.


Select the trap, press action button to place it, and wait. Pick it up then it is closed.

Note: placed traps (open or closed) are marked on the player's map.


A closed trap has a chance to contain one or two of the following hunting items:


Trap itself is not used in any quest. A trap may be useful to get the PeltIcon.pngPelt needed for Trapping and trading quest.

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