Tradesman: Wimblewick

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Tradesman: Wimblewick
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Location Sunderwind Wilds: Wimblewick

This Tradesman is one of the Residents in Yonder.

Description[edit | edit source]

This Tradesman stands in front of one of the round houses that are grouped in an half circle around Agatha Woodgrain's tree house in Wimblewick. His long beard and his hair are orange. He wears BasicTunicIcon.pngBasic Tunic and TravelerSlacksIcon.pngTraveler Slacks.

Stock[edit | edit source]

This Tradesman sells Carpenter items at a very good prize.

Discount Sell Price Icon Name Quantity Item Type Value
-94% ValueSign.png7 WoodTilesIcon.png Wood Tiles 3 Lumber ValueSign.png113
-94% ValueSign.png10 WoodArchIcon.png Wood Arch 2 Lumber ValueSign.png162
-93% ValueSign.png2 PlankIcon.png Plank 2 Lumber ValueSign.png30
-93% ValueSign.png8 WoodBeamsIcon.png Wood Beams 3 Lumber ValueSign.png29
-93% ValueSign.png8 ShapedPlanksIcon.png Shaped Planks 3 Lumber ValueSign.png123
-90% ValueSign.png2 NailsIcon.png Nails 27 Lumber ValueSign.png20
-90% ValueSign.png1 HeartwoodIcon.png Heartwood 3 Lumber ValueSign.png10
-90% ValueSign.png1 BundleOfSticksIcon.png Bundle Of Sticks 3 Lumber ValueSign.png10
0% ValueSign.png20 GlueIcon.png Glue 21 Liquids ValueSign.png20
0% ValueSign.png10 GoldenMintIcon.png Golden Mint 2 Plants ValueSign.png10
0% ValueSign.png30 LeatherIcon.png Leather 2 Clothing ValueSign.png30
0% ValueSign.png50 FluffIcon.png Fluff 2 Hunting ValueSign.png50
0% ValueSign.png30 CoalIcon.png Coal 2 Masonry ValueSign.png30
0% ValueSign.png5 MushroomIcon.png Mushroom 2 Food ValueSign.png5
0% ValueSign.png5 ClayIcon.png Clay 2 Pottery ValueSign.png5
0% ValueSign.png50 HerbsIcon.png Herbs 2 Food ValueSign.png50
0% ValueSign.png5 SilkIcon.png Silk 2x Equipment ValueSign.png5
0% ValueSign.png5 VineIcon.png Vine 2 Plants ValueSign.png5
0% ValueSign.png20 WaterIcon.png Water 2 Liquids ValueSign.png20
0% ValueSign.png10 MeatIcon.png Meat 2 Food ValueSign.png10
0% ValueSign.png20 IronOreIcon.png Iron Ore 2 Ore ValueSign.png20
0% ValueSign.png15 LeadOreIcon.png Lead Ore 2 Ore ValueSign.png15
0% ValueSign.png50 PotatoIcon.png Potato 2 Food ValueSign.png50
0% ValueSign.png50 RedBerryIcon.png Red Berry 2 Food ValueSign.png50
0% ValueSign.png20 MortarIcon.png Mortar 5 Masonry ValueSign.png20
0% ValueSign.png1 WoodIcon.png Wood 3 Lumber ValueSign.png1
0% ValueSign.png1 StickIcon.png Stick 3 Lumber ValueSign.png1
0% ValueSign.png29 TrapIcon.png Trap 2 Tool ValueSign.png0

Likes & Dislikes[edit | edit source]

This Tradesman hates lumber.