Tradesman: Goldlake

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Tradesman: Goldlake
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Location The Grasslands: Goldlake

This Tradesman is one of the Residents in Yonder.

Description[edit | edit source]

This Tradesman stands on a stone platform in Goldlake near the waterfall. He has long beard and his hair is grey. He wears BasicTunicIcon.pngBasic Tunic and TravelerSlacksIcon.pngTraveler Slacks.

Stock[edit | edit source]

This trader sells tools if the player has not already gotten them.

Discount Sell Price Icon Name Quantity Item Type Value
0% ValueSign.png10 DipFishIcon.png Dip Fish 2 Fish ValueSign.png10
0% ValueSign.png20 IronOreIcon.png Iron Ore 1 Ore ValueSign.png20
0% ValueSign.png15 LeadOreIcon.png Lead Ore 1 Ore ValueSign.png15
-3% ValueSign.png195 AxeIcon.png Axe 1 Tool ValueSign.png0
-3% ValueSign.png195 PickaxeIcon.png Pickaxe 1 Tool ValueSign.png0
-3% ValueSign.png195 FishingPoleIcon.png Fishing Pole 1 Tool ValueSign.png0
-3% ValueSign.png195 SickleIcon.png Sickle 1 Tool ValueSign.png0
-3% ValueSign.png195 MalletIcon.png Mallet 1 Tool ValueSign.png0
0% ValueSign.png29 TrapIcon.png Trap 1 Tool ValueSign.png0

Likes & Dislikes[edit | edit source]

This Tradesman loves lumber. He hates Oil and dislikes Fluff.

Discount Buying Price Icon Name Item Type Value
+200% ValueSign.png3 WoodIcon.png Wood Lumber ValueSign.png1
+200% ValueSign.png3 StickIcon.png Stick Lumber ValueSign.png1
+200% ValueSign.png30 BundleOfSticksIcon.png Bundle Of Sticks Lumber ValueSign.png10
+197% ValueSign.png89 PlankIcon.png Plank Lumber ValueSign.png30
-2% ValueSign.png49 FluffIcon.png Fluff Hunting ValueSign.png50
-75% ValueSign.png5 OilIcon.png Oil Food ValueSign.png20