Tradesman: Cinderton

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Tradesman: Cinderton
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He sells Food and Masonry related items.
Location Numino Peak: Cinderton

This Tradesman is one of the Residents in Yonder.

Description[edit | edit source]

This Tradesman stands under a shelter between the Cinderton city entrance and the big rock that is covered in candles. He stands next to a stone staircase. His long beard and his hair are brown. He wears BasicTunicIcon.pngBasic Tunic and TravelerSlacksIcon.pngTraveler Slacks.

Stock[edit | edit source]

Discount Sell Price Icon Name Quantity Item Type Value
0% ValueSign.png20 IronOreIcon.png Iron Ore 4 Ore ValueSign.png20
0% ValueSign.png1 StoneIcon.png Stone 10 Masonry ValueSign.png1
0% ValueSign.png30 CoalIcon.png Coal 7 Masonry ValueSign.png30
0% ValueSign.png20 MortarIcon.png Mortar 21 Masonry ValueSign.png20
0% ValueSign.png5 MushroomIcon.png Mushroom 2 Food ValueSign.png5
0% ValueSign.png5 ClayIcon.png Clay 2 Pottery ValueSign.png5
0% ValueSign.png50 HerbsIcon.png Herbs 2 Food ValueSign.png50
0% ValueSign.png5 VineIcon.png Vine 2 Plants ValueSign.png5
0% ValueSign.png20 WaterIcon.png Water 2 Liquids ValueSign.png20
0% ValueSign.png50 RedBerryIcon.png Red Berry 2 Food ValueSign.png50
0% ValueSign.png50 PotatoIcon.png Potato 2 Food ValueSign.png50
0% ValueSign.png50 GroffleMilkIcon.png Groffle Milk 2 Food ValueSign.png50
0% ValueSign.png10 MeatIcon.png Meat 2 Food ValueSign.png10
0% ValueSign.png30 LeatherIcon.png Leather 2 Clothing ValueSign.png30
0% ValueSign.png50 HideIcon.png Hide 2 Hunting ValueSign.png50
0% ValueSign.png10 GoldenMintIcon.png Golden Mint 2 Plants ValueSign.png10
0% ValueSign.png50 FluffIcon.png Fluff 2 Hunting ValueSign.png50
0% ValueSign.png30 FlourIcon.png Flour 2 Food ValueSign.png30
0% ValueSign.png50 EggIcon.png Egg 2 Food ValueSign.png50
0% ValueSign.png50 ClothIcon.png Cloth 2 Clothing ValueSign.png50
0% ValueSign.png50 CheeseIcon.png Cheese 2 Food ValueSign.png50
0% ValueSign.png50 ButterIcon.png Butter 2 Food ValueSign.png50
0% ValueSign.png50 BlueBerryIcon.png Blue Berry 2 Food ValueSign.png50
0% ValueSign.png30 BitsAndBobsIcon.png Bits and Bobs 2 Ore ValueSign.png30
0% ValueSign.png108 StoneArchIcon.png Stone Arch 1 Masonry ValueSign.png108
0% ValueSign.png97 StonePillarIcon.png Stone Pillar 1 Masonry ValueSign.png97
0% ValueSign.png80 StoneTilesIcon.png Stone Tiles 1 Masonry ValueSign.png80
0% ValueSign.png46 KeystoneIcon.png Keystone 1 Masonry ValueSign.png46
0% ValueSign.png151 SilverIngotIcon.png Silver Ingot 1 Ore ValueSign.png151
0% ValueSign.png220 CogsIcon.png Cogs 1 Ore ValueSign.png220
0% ValueSign.png304 GearsIcon.png Gears 1 Ore ValueSign.png304
0% ValueSign.png20 MachinePartsIcon.png Machine Parts 1 Ore ValueSign.png20
0% ValueSign.png15 LeadOreIcon.png Lead Ore 1 Ore ValueSign.png15
0% ValueSign.png25 CopperOreIcon.png Copper Ore 1 Ore ValueSign.png25
0% ValueSign.png30 SilverOreIcon.png Silver Ore 1 Ore ValueSign.png30
+3% ValueSign.png31 PlankIcon.png Plank 2 Lumber ValueSign.png30
+20% ValueSign.png6 SilkIcon.png Silk 2 Equipment ValueSign.png5

Likes & Dislikes[edit | edit source]

This Tradesman loves wood and likes Carpenter items.

Discount Buying Price Icon Name Item Type Value
+100% ValueSign.png2 WoodIcon.png Wood Lumber ValueSign.png1
+100% ValueSign.png2 StickIcon.png Stick Lumber ValueSign.png1
+10% ValueSign.png11 BundleOfSticksIcon.png Bundle Of Sticks Lumber ValueSign.png10
+10% ValueSign.png11 HeartwoodIcon.png Heartwood Lumber ValueSign.png10
+5% ValueSign.png21 NailsIcon.png Nails Lumber ValueSign.png20
+3% ValueSign.png31 PlankIcon.png Plank Lumber ValueSign.png30
+3% ValueSign.png30 WoodBeamsIcon.png Wood Beams Lumber ValueSign.png29
+1% ValueSign.png124 ShapedPlanksIcon.png Shaped Planks Lumber ValueSign.png123
+1% ValueSign.png114 WoodTilesIcon.png Wood tiles Lumber ValueSign.png113
+1% ValueSign.png163 WoodArchIcon.png Wood Arch Lumber ValueSign.png162

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Louise who lives in Arbre Ridge says:

Here's a tip - there's a lot of interest in anything Masonry related in Cinderton.

Silvia Wainwright who lives in Cinderton says:

Don't bother trying to trade Ore here... I hear we're overstocked already!