The Wizard Dupples

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The Wizard Dupples
The Wizard Dupples
This grumpy eremit dwells in his own area.
Location Radiant Sands: Tippi in the South west
Quest Locate the Wizard, Purifying the Well, Repair the Cloud Catcher, Seek the Master Constructor, Seek the Master Tailor, Undercover Information in Inglenook

The Wizard Dupples is one of the Residents in Yonder.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Wizard Dupples lives as a hermit at the feet of a mountain line of sandstone peaks in the South west of Radiant Sands. His tippi stands in a circle of sandstone walls surrounded by Coral-Bloom Trees. He has brown hairs and "pirate" beard. He wears a wizard cap, a green BasicTunicIcon.pngBasic Tunic and brown repaired TravelerSlacksIcon.pngTraveler Slacks.

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