The Shivering Plains

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Shivering Plains
Shivering Plains
A cold, snow covered region

Cities 1. Frostfire Potters, 2. Inglenook
Quests 1. A Little Colour Goes a long Way, 2. Brewer Guild Master,
3. Building Shivering Farm, 4. Finding Arcadia, 5. Sage Stone (Shivering Plains),
6. The Great Beard Off, 7. The Shivering Plains stone bridge, 8. The Shivering Plains wooden bridge, 9.Undercover Information in Inglenook
Animals 1. DipFishIcon.pngDip Fish, 2. 26pxFluff Cub, 3. FrostFoxIcon.pngFrost Fox, 4. LuckyBronzeFishIcon.pngLucky Bronze Fish,
5. 26pxLucky Silver Fish, 6. LuckyGoldenFish2.pngLucky Golden Fish, 7. NackleFishIcon.pngNackle Fish,
8. OldSoggyBootIcon.pngOld Soggy Boot
Trees 17 / 26 AlioraSeedIcon.pngAliora Tree
Plants 1. GoldenMintIcon.pngGolden Mint
Cats 10 ?: 1x SnowyMilkIcon.pngSnowy Milk, 3x SnowyLongtailIcon.pngSnowy Longtail
Murk 6x 26pxMurk
Sprites 1. Drake.pngDrake, 2. Spike.pngSpike, 3. Vellum.pngVellum
Residents Adler Waxton, Felix, Josiah: Inglenook, Katie, Kitty, Luff the Sailor, Merchant otOK: Inglenook, Potter, Qu the Colourful, Tradesman: Frostfire Potters, Tradesman: Inglenook, Violet

Shivering Plains is one Province of Gemea.

Description[edit | edit source]

An open, frozen plain north of Numino Peak. Golden Mint can be harvested here. The native animal is the Fluff Cub. You can find small cheeping penguins roaming around that cannot be interacted with. Frost foxes can also be found here. Gulls are flying through the cold air and scream loudly. You can find stone statues that look like dragons scattered about the plains. Snowy Longtails are the cats found here

Notes[edit | edit source]

There are three sprites in Shivering Plains

Vellum is behind the lady that gives you the quest "The Great Beard Off" inside a lantern in a nook.

Spike is in Arcadia. You need to have completed "Finding Arcadia."

Drake is inside a chest on top of the ice crags that cover Inglenook.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Building Shivering Farm - On the southern border of Shivering Plains southwest of Inglenook is a sign post. You need 15 wood and 8 vines.

Sage Stone-Shivering Plains - The sage stone is on an ice spike on the northern coast of the Shivering Plains, west of the northern most tip. It is above some murk. You need to have at least 50% happiness in a region of Gemea.

The Great Beard Off - Talk to Katie on the ground floor of Inglenook. You need 1 ghost fish, 1 mushroom, and 1 water. You can catch a ghost fish or trade for one at Mocha Bay.

A Little Color Goes A Long Way-Brewer's Guild - Speak to Qu the Colorful inside Inglenook. You will need 4 Celium flowers and 4 Blue Berries. You can obtain them from nearby traders. You will then need to craft two blue dye using 2 Brewer's Kit, 2 Clay Pots, 2 Celium Flowers, and 2 Blue Berries. After that, you need to set off a Blue Firework.

Brewer Guild Master - Craft 1000 worth of Brewer items

Finding Arcadia - Before you leave Inglenook, you need to craft one Fiery Boom-Water using 1 Brewer's Kit, 1 Clay Pot, 2 Wood, 1 Coal, and 1 Oil. Anything you don't have you can get from the trader in Ingleton or craft. Leave Ingleton and go straight to the dragon pillar outside of Ingleton. The pillar will show the path to the next one. Follow the pillars and go into Arcadia. The Arcadian Ice is surrounded by ice spikes. There is a large bell behind some breakable ice in a cavern. Ring the bell, collect the ice and Spike. 

Resources[edit | edit source]

Little stone

Trivia[edit | edit source]

As with other animals, Kari has knowledge to share about Snowy Longtails:

You can find the Snowy Longtails anywhere around here. They LOVE the cold.
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