The Secret Ingredient

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The player can get this quest from Jo Jo Cozinheiro in Mocha Bay if they want to join the Chef's Guild.

Task 1: Gather Ingredients[edit | edit source]

Jo Jo Cozinheiro is going to teach me how to be a top-notch chef. First up, I need ingredients to cook with!

You need to bring Jo Jo Cozinheiro 1xWaterIcon.pngWater and 1xOilIcon.pngOil. You can craft the Water and trade for Oil in Mocha Bay.

Gather 1xWaterIcon.pngWater and 1xOilIcon.pngOil and talk to Jo Jo again.

Task 2: Get Some Flour[edit | edit source]

Next, I need to get some freshly ground flour from the flour mill.

Next Jo Jo Cozinheiro asks you to go to [[Riverdrift Mill] and ground some flowers into 1xFlourIcon.pngFlour. You don't have to go to the mill, any Flour will do. You can purchase it from a trader here in Mocha Bay.

Get 1xFlourIcon.pngFlour and speak with Jo Jo again.

Task 3: Make Some Bread[edit | edit source]

With all my ingredients in order, I now get to try my hand at making bread!

Jo Jo Cozinheiro gives you a ChefsKitIcon.pngChef's Kit. He also teaches you the recipes for making a ChefsKitIcon.pngChef's Kit and BreadIcon.pngBread.

Craft 1xBreadIcon.pngBread from the ingredients you have.

Joining the Chef's Guild[edit | edit source]

Speak with Jo Jo Cozinheiro. He will accept you into the Guild, give you ChefsGuildNoviceBadgeIcon.pngChef's Guild Novice Badge, and teach you the following Novice Chef recipes:

You will also get the Chef Guild Master quest.