The Great Beard Off

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The player can get this quest from Katie. She lives in Inglenook in The Shivering Plains.

Part 1: Get a Ghost Fish Stew[edit | edit source]

Katie wants me to bring her GhostFishStewIcon.pngGhost Fish Stew. I need to catch the fish from Rivers or Lakes at midnight. I'll need to bring the stew back to her at night too!

Katie teaches you the recipe for crafting GhostFishStewIcon.pngGhost Fish Stew and tells you where to find GhostFishIcon.pngGhost Fish to cook it.

Catch a GhostFishIcon.pngGhost Fish and craft some GhostFishStewIcon.pngGhost Fish Stew using the fish you've caught, 1xMushroomIcon.pngMushroom, and 1xWaterIcon.pngWater.

The trader in East Docks also has a GhostFishIcon.pngGhost Fish and GhostFishStewIcon.pngGhost Fish Stew available for trade.

Part 2: Deliver the Stew to Katie[edit | edit source]

Speak with Katie at night. Speaking to her during the day will not advance the quests.

She asks you to wait until morning.

Part 3: Wait[edit | edit source]

I have given Katie her GhostFishStewIcon.pngGhost Fish Stew. Now we need to wait until morning to see if it really works.

Wait until morning and speak with Katie again. She has a full beard now.

She will thank you and reward you with MuttonChopsIcon.pngMutton Chops.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Completing this quest for the first time unlocks The Bearded Lady steam achievement.