The Grasslands

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The Grasslands
The Grasslands
Grassy plains located in the center of Gemea

Cities 1. East Docks, 2. Fairmont, 3. Goldlake
Quests 1. A Knack For Nackle Fish!, 2. Farming Basics, 3. Find the Missing Crew,
4. Kozi's Lovely Creatures, 5. Making A Bundle, 6. Rock On, 7. Seeking Help In Fairmont, 8. The Grasslands Wooden Bridge, 9. [[]], 10. [[]], 11. [[]]
Animals 1. DipFishIcon.pngDip Fish, 2. 26pxFulgur Fish, 3. GhostFishIcon.pngGhost Fish, 4. GrassFox.pngGrass Fox, 5.Groffle.pngGroffle, 6. KingFishIcon.pngKing Fish, 7. LaceFishIcon.pngLace Fish, 8. LuckyBronzeFishIcon.pngLucky Bronze Fish, 9. 26pxLucky Silver Fish, 10. LuckyGoldenFish2.pngLucky Golden Fish, 11. NackleFishIcon.pngNackle Fish, 12. PrinceFishIcon.pngPrince Fish, 13. PrincessFishIcon.pngPrincess Fish, 14. 26pxQueen Fish, 15. 26pxYang Fish, 16. 26pxYin Fish
Trees  ? / ? MeadowbellSeedIcon.pngMeadowbell Tree
Plants 1. CeliumFlowerIcon.pngCelium Flower, 2. FodderIcon.pngGrass, 3. MushroomIcon.pngMushroom, 4. VineIcon.pngVine
Cats 1x FishermansMateIcon.pngFisherman's Mate, 9x SpottedBrownCatIcon.pngSpotted Brown Cat
Murk  ? 26pxMurk
Sprites 1. Curio.pngCurio, 2. Grumble.pngGrumble, 3. Lock.pngLock, 4. Lumie.pngLumie
Residents Captain Pullin, Hugh, Kozi, Marina, Marek, Minnie, Sly Mc'Wiley, Theodore, Trader: East Docks, Tradesman: East Docks, Trader: Fairmont, Tradesman: Fairmont, Tradesman: Goldlake,

The Grasslands is one of the Province Locations in Gemea. Here starts the player.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Grasslands is located at the heart of Gemea, acting as a hub towards all other regions. It is the first region players will encounter, as the cave they begin the game in is located along the coast here.

Groffle.pngGroffle and GrassFox.pngGrass Foxes call this region their home. They eat CeliumSeedIcon.pngCelium Seeds and FodderIcon.pngFodder respectively, both of which are commonly acquired in this region, making these animals the easiest to tame.

Little caterpillars crawl on the ground. Brides fly through the air and twitter loudly.

The town of Fairmont is located here, being the source of the first quests the player can acquire, and the start of the Main Quest, as well as two traders that trade basic items.

Resources[edit | edit source]

CeliumFlowerIcon.pngCelium Flowers are the native Flower of The Grasslands, growing all around the region, whilst the MeadowbellSeedIcon.pngMeadowbell Tree is the region's native tree.

As with any other regions, Ore Veins and Boulders can be found scattered about the region.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Seeking Help in Fairmont - Head to Fairmont and speak to Master Low. You need to talk to three other people. Sly Mc'Wiley is south out of the town, on a ridge near the beach. Talk to him and he will give you a sickle. Cut 10 fodder and give them to him. Merek is near the traders. He will give you a mallet and tell you to collect 8 stones and give them to Marina at the beach. Minnie is standing on a table near the center of town. They will give you an axe and you will need to collect 15 wood and 8 vines to build the farm. You will also need some sprites to clear the murk.

Farming Basics - Place a Large Animal Pen and Befriend a Groffle - Bushel will give you some farm buildings. Using the large book in one of the corners of the farm, place a large pen and food and water troughs. Craft a Celium seed from one Celium flower and use it to lure a nearby Groffle onto your farm.

Making a Bundle - Talk to Hugh near the traders. You will need 1 vine and 3 sticks. You need to craft a bundle of sticks from them.

A Knack for Nackle Fish - At Goldlake, talk to Theodore. He will give you a fishing rod and tell you to fish for a Nackle Fish at the beach.

The Grasslands Shrine - There is a shrine in the northeastern part of the grasslands, above the lake. You will need 12 stone, 4 sticks, and 4 Celium flowers to fix the shrine. You will get Curio the sprite.

The Grasslands Wooden Bridge - There is a sign post north of the farm. you need 15 wood and 8 vines.

Kozi's Lovely Creatures - Kozi is to the west of the Grasslands farm. You need to find her three Gruffles, each having left behind some fashion item. You will need to look for two large bows, two top hats, and two sparkles. The map will give you an area to look in for each item.

Rock On - On the western border of the Grasslands is a man standing next to a tent and campfire. He will give you a pickaxe. Talk to him again to finish the quest.

Sage Stone-The Grasslands - Go back to where you first started the game. Inside a pool of shallow water, there are some wood walls. Behind them is the Sage Stone. You need to craft 5 items after talking to the stone.

Sprites[edit | edit source]

There are 4 sprites in the grasslands.

Lumie is found right at the beginning of the game

Lock is found in a crate on a boat at the east docks, after restoring them

Grumble is inside some bushes on the farm, after it's rebuilt

Curio is inside the broken shrine above Goldlake. You need 12 stone, 4 sticks, and 4 Celium flowers to fix the shrine.
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