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Template-info.png Documentation
GroffleMilkIcon.png Groffle Milk
Groffle milk is highly nutritious and very useful as a basic cooking ingredient.
Value ValueSign.png50
Animal Groffle.pngGroffle
BundleOfSticksIcon.png Bundle of Sticks
A conveniently prepped bundle of sticks.
Can be used in crafting, or starting fires.
Value ValueSign.png10
Crafting 1xVineIcon.png 3xStickIcon.png


{{Item infobox
| name = 
| image = 
| description = 
| value = 
| crafting = 
| animal = 
| plant = 


Name of the Item. Defaults to {{PAGENAME}}.
Icon of the item. Defaults to 64x64px.
Description of the item as seen in the inventory.
Value of the item as also seen in the inventory.
The crafting recipe of the item. Format: Use icons only, no text, to save space: #x{{Icon Link|image=xxx.png|link=xxx|hide=1}}.

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