Tale of Two Siblings

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The player can get this quest by speaking with Tova in Wimblewick.

Task[edit | edit source]

Tova asked me to check in on his family and make sure his children are preparing for the competition.

Talk to Liora, Gota, and Govad. Each of them asks you to bring them some items. You can gather or craft them by yourself or buy from the trader here in Wimblewick. Your choice does not seem to affect the outcome of the quest.

Choice 1: Help Liora[edit | edit source]

Liora wants me to gather some basic supplies for a project that Gota and Govad can work on together.

Liora wants you to bring her 1xPlankIcon.pngPlank, 1xNailsIcon.pngNails, 1xGlueIcon.pngGlue, and 1xShapedPlanksIcon.pngShaped Planks. You can trade for Plank at Conks Lumber Yard and craft the rest of these items yourself if you have alread joined the Carpenter's Guild. You can also trade for them here in Wimblewick. Talk to Liora after gathering the items to complete the quest.

Choice 2: Help Gota[edit | edit source]

Gota asked me to find GoldenMintIcon.pngGolden Mint for her project.

Gota wants you to bring her one GoldenMintIcon.pngGolden Mint. You can gather it in The Shivering Plains or trade for it here in Wimblewick. Talk to Gota to complete the quest.

Choice 3: Help Govad[edit | edit source]

Govad has asked me for help in finding some HeartwoodIcon.pngHeartwood. The wood comes from a tree that grows southwest of Springmoor.

Govad wants you to bring him some HeartwoodIcon.pngHeartwood. You can get it by chopping down Wildoburr Tree or trade for it here in Wimblewick. Talk to Govad to complete the quest.