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Sunderwind Wilds

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Sunderwind Wilds
Icon needed
A prairie region with jurten city

Cities SpringmoorWimblewick
Quests An oddly placed wooden bridgeA strangely placed wooden bridgeBuild Sunderwind FarmCarpenter Guild MasterFind help at the villageSearching for the originSage Stone - Sunderwind WildsSunderwind Wilds stone bridgeTale of Two SiblingsWood for Planks
Animals Animals: BurrowFoxIcon.pngBurrow FoxSquomble.pngSquomble

Fish: DipFishIcon.pngDip FishFulgurFishIcon.pngFulgur FishGhostFishIcon.pngGhost FishKingFishIcon.pngKing FishLaceFishIcon.pngLace FishLuckyBronzeFishIcon.pngLucky Bronze FishLuckySilverFishIcon.pngLucky Silver FishLuckyGoldenFishIcon.pngLucky Golden FishNackleFishIcon.pngNackle FishPrinceFishIcon.pngPrince FishPrincessFishIcon.pngPrincess FishQueenFishIcon.pngQueen Fish

Trees 135 / 165 GowlSeedIcon.pngGowl Tree
Plants GrassGrassMoonsilkFlowerIcon.pngMoonsilk FlowerMushroomIcon.pngMushroomVineIcon.pngVine
Cats 9xGreenWhiskersIcon.pngGreen Whiskers • 2xMidnightRunnerIcon.pngMidnight Runner
Murk 6xIcon Murk.pngMurk
Sprites Gable.pngGableKit.pngKit

Sunderwind Wilds is a region and a biome of Gemea.

Description[edit | edit source]

Sunderwind Wilds is the northwest of the Grasslands. The native animal is the Squomble.pngSquomble and the native tree is the GowlSeedIcon.pngGowl Tree. Sunderwind Wilds is a region of layered cliffs, requiring detours to traverse the region.

Wimblewick is to the north. It is the home of the Carpenter's Guild. The trader there sells Carpenter items. The ferry in Wimblewick can take you to Radiant Sands.

Conks Lumber Yard is also located here. You can trade 5 WoodIcon.pngWood for 1 PlankIcon.pngPlank there.

The Sunderwind Wilds Sage Stone is in the mountains above Springmoor. It can be unlocked by lighting your lantern.

The Sunderwind Farm is in the mountains east of Wimblewick.

Sunlight Teleporter is also located here.

Resources[edit | edit source]

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MoonsilkFlowerIcon.pngMoonsilk Flowers are abundant in the region. GowlSeedIcon.pngGowl Tree is the region's native tree.

Ore veins, StoneIcon.pngboulders, VineIcon.pngvine bushes and FodderIcon.pnghigh grass are scattered about the region. MushroomIcon.pngMushrooms are found in caves.

Animals[edit | edit source]

Two species of animals live here: Squombles and Burrow Foxes. They produce PeltIcon.pngPelts and VineIcon.pngVines respectively when housed on a farm.

The Sunderwind Farm is east of Wimblewick.

Dapplewood Forest is also the home of GreenWhiskersIcon.pngGreen Whiskers and MidnightRunnerIcon.pngMidnight Runner cats.

Notable Residents[edit | edit source]

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Quests[edit | edit source]

Sprites[edit | edit source]