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The '''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a crafted [[:Category:Farming|farming structure]] created by [[Constructor]]s.
The '''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a [[Farming#Farm Structures|farm structure]] crafted by [[Constructor]]s.

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SturdySmallAnimalPenIcon.png Sturdy Small Animal Pen
A sturdy structure to house a single small animal.
They'll be very cozy living here!
Value ValueSign.png509
Crafting 1xConstructorsKitIcon.png 2xKeystoneIcon.png 2xStoneArchIcon.png 1xStonePillarIcon.png 1xStoneTilesIcon.png 1xMortarIcon.png
Size 3x4

The Sturdy Small Animal Pen is a farm structure crafted by Constructors.

Source[edit | edit source]

Sturdy Small Animal Pen can be crafted by Novice Constructor using:

Uses[edit | edit source]

Sturdy Small Animal Pen is used in farming. It provides a living space for single small animal when placed at the farm.

Sturdy Small Animal Pen occupies 3x4 area when placed at the player's farm.