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StoneIcon.png Stone
Rocks are made of stone.
Value ValueSign.png1
Animal Burrow Fox

Stone is one of the basic resources in Yonder. It is used in various crafting recipes and quests.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

The player can get stone by picking it on the ground or by smashing boulders with their MalletIcon.pngMallet. Burrow Fox also produces stone when housed on the farm.

Uses[edit | edit source]




  • 1 used in ChefsKitIcon.pngChef's Kit
  • Carpenter

  • 2 used in TreePlotIcon.pngTree Plot
  • Constructor

  • 4 used in CobblestoneIcon.pngCobblestone
  • 1 used in ConstructorsKitIcon.pngConstructor's Kit
  • 2 used in KeystoneIcon.pngKeystone
  • 2 used in StoneArchIcon.pngStone Arch
  • 2 used in StoneFenceIcon.pngStone Fence
  • 2 used in StoneGardenPlotIcon.pngStone Garden Plot
  • 4 used in StonePillarIcon.pngStone Pillar
  • 3 used in StoneTilesIcon.pngStone Tiles
  • 2 used in StoneTreePlotIcon.pngStone Tree Plot
  • Brewer

  • 1 used in BrewersKitIcon.pngBrewer's Kit