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A small animal that loves wood!
Season All
Location Sunderwind Wilds
Max Size Small
Food WoodIcon.pngWood
Produce StickIcon.pngStick

The Squomble is an animal found in Sunderwind Wilds. It can be found during any season of the year and likes WoodIcon.pngWood.

Squomble can be adopted if you have an empty SmallAnimalPenIcon.pngSmall Animal Pen or SturdySmallAnimalPenIcon.pngSturdy Small Animal Pen at the farm. It produces StickIcon.pngSticks while living in the pen.

Kari's Knowledge[edit | edit source]

As with other animals, Kari has knowledge to share about Squombles:

Squombles can't burp or vomit.

Squombles laugh when tickled.

Squombles have best friends and can become stressed when separated from them.

A group of Squombles is called a nibble.

Squombles really like WoodIcon.pngWood.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Fleur who lives in Arbre Ridge says:

I once heard a Bambex entered the Murk and came out a two-headed Squomble.