Spinning Wheel

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SpinningWheelIcon.png Spinning Wheel
Add some FluffIcon.pngFluff and after time ClothIcon.pngCloth comes out.
Value ValueSign.png630
Crafting 1xTinkersKitIcon.png 1xGearsIcon.png 1xCogsIcon.png 1xBitsAndBobsIcon.png 1xOilIcon.png 1xMachinePartsIcon.png 1xWoodIcon.png 1xNailsIcon.png
Size 2x2

SpinningWheelIcon.png Spinning Wheel is a farm structure made by Tinkers.

Source[edit | edit source]

Spinning Wheel is crafted by Novice Tinker using:

A Spinning Wheel can also be found in a chest in a cave in Hearthwind Vale.

Use[edit | edit source]

Spinning Wheel can be placed on a farm to automatically turn any FluffIcon.pngFluff produced on that farm into ClothIcon.pngCloth. 1xFluffIcon.pngFluff produces 1xClothIcon.pngCloth automatically.

The player can also interact with Spinning Wheel to manually produce 1xClothIcon.pngCloth from 2xFluffIcon.pngFluff.

Spinning Wheel occupies 2x2 area when placed on the player's farm.