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SilkIcon.png Silk
Used to make fine clothing or fabric.
Value ValueSign.png5
Animal SilkFoxIcon.pngSilk Fox

Silk is an item found in Gemea. It is used in different crafting recipes.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Silk can be obtained by cutting spiderwebs in caves with a SickleIcon.pngSickle.

It is also produced by SilkFoxIcon.pngSilk Fox housed on the farm.

Uses[edit | edit source]




  • 1 used in ChefsBottomsIcon.pngChef's Bottoms
  • 1 used in ChefsHatIcon.pngChef's Hat
  • 1 used in ChefsTopIcon.pngChef's Top
  • Constructor

  • 1 used in BlacksmithsTailsIcon.pngBlacksmith's Tails
  • Tinker

  • 1 used in TinkersBreechesIcon.pngTinker's Breeches
  • 1 used in TinkersJacketIcon.pngTinker's Jacket
  • Tailor

  • 1 used in BasicTunicIcon.pngBasic Tunic
  • 1 used in FloralSkirtIcon.pngFloral Skirt
  • 1 used in HeadScarfIcon.pngHead Scarf
  • 1 used in LightBlouseIcon.pngLight Blouse
  • 1 used in LongTrousersIcon.pngLong Trousers
  • 1 used in LongBrimmedHatIcon.pngLong-Brimmed Hat
  • 1 used in LongSleeveWrapIcon.pngLong-Sleeve Wrap
  • 1 used in RaincoatIcon.pngRaincoat
  • 1 used in TiedDimijeIcon.pngTied Dimije
  • Master

  • 1 used in TightTrousersIcon.pngTight Trousers