Seek the Master Constructor

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This is the first quest in the questline to get the SparePartsIcon.pngSpare Parts to repair the Cloud Catcher. The player will get this quest automatically after completing Purifying the Well and starting Repair the Cloud Catcher quests.

Task[edit | edit source]

I need to seek out Silvia Wainwright, the Master Constructor in Numino Peak. I will find her in the township of Cinderton.

Go to Cinderton in Numino Peak. You can find Cinderton by following the path with burning cat statues. Speak with Silvia Wainwright when you get there.

She says she can make the parts but needs some CelestialOreIcon.pngCelestial Ore from Stark Caverns.

She gives you the StarkCavernsKeyIcon.pngStark Caverns Key and ask to bring her the ore. This starts the quest Search for Celestial Ore.