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This is the first quest in the questline to get the SparePartsIcon.pngSpare Parts to repair the Cloud Catcher. The player will get this quest automatically after completing Seek the Master Constructor quest.

Part 1: Unseal the Stark Caverns[edit | edit source]

I am not sure why Silvia Wainwright is spooked by the caverns. Only one way to find out - open the door and look for myself.

Stark Caverns are in Cinderton behind the huge locked door. You can open the door with the StarkCavernsKeyIcon.pngStark Caverns Key Silvia Wainwright has given you.

Part 2: Getting the Ore[edit | edit source]

Go inside the caverns. You need to get 5 pieces of CelestialOreIcon.pngCelestial Ore:

  • One can be mined from the ore vein on the stone ledge just left of the caverns' entrance. You will need a PickaxeIcon.pngpickaxe to get it.
  • One is on the table behind Old Man Wilson.
  • One is held by the sprite Mian.
  • Two can be mined from the veins in the lower caverns, behind some boards. You will need a MalletIcon.pngmallet to break the boards and a PickaxeIcon.pngpickaxe to mine the ore.

You can mine the ore now or proceed with the quest to get the ore from Mian and Old Man Wilson.

Speak with Old Man Wilson[edit | edit source]

I met an odd man in the caverns. He talked about a ghost wailing and stealing Betsy's food. Maybe this is what Silvia Wainwright was worried about?

Old Man Wilson is near the entrance with his Groffle Betsy. He tells you there is a ghost in the caverns and it wails and steals his Groffle's food.

Speak with Mian[edit | edit source]

I met a Sprite named Mian who thought I was a ghost. Mian, afraid of a moaning noise in the caves, used seeds to block out the noise.

Go a little further into the caverns and you will find Mian. He tells you he was afraid of the noises and tried to block them by stuffing his ears with Celium seeds.

Get the Ore[edit | edit source]

If you have already spoken with Old Man Wilson, you can speak with Mian again to tell him the Groffle was making the noises. He will be relieved and join you, giving you his piece of CelestialOreIcon.pngCelestial Ore as a reward.

After speaking with Mian speak with Old Man Wilson. He will give you a piece of CelestialOreIcon.pngCelestial Ore and ask you to leave him alone.

Part 3: Return to Silvia[edit | edit source]

I returned the ore to Silvia Wainwright. Now I need to wait 3 night while she makes the spare parts.

Return to Cinderton and speak with Silvia Wainwright after getting all CelestialOreIcon.pngCelestial Ore. She asks you to wait three night while she works on the spare parts.

Part 4: Wait[edit | edit source]

Wait until the quest in your compass is updated and speak with Silvia Wainwright again. She will give you the SparePartsIcon.pngSpare Parts.

This completes the quest. Now you can return to the Cloud Catcher and repair its motor.

Achievements[edit | edit source]