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SandyPawIcon.png Sandy Paw
Sun loving little lions.
The Sandy Paw is a type of Cat that can be found in Radiant Sands.

Cats[edit | edit source]

There are 8 Sandy Paws?

  1. Sandy Paw - In the Cloud Catcher Castle:
  2. Sandy Paw - Under rocks:
  3. Sandy Paw - Witchers house: On a flat stone near this house near the coast lies a cat.
  4. Sandy Paw - In the South: In the middle of the southern promontory behind a sand stone sits a cat.
  5. Sandy Paw - In the South west: Next to a Murk a cat moves on a sandstone rock.
  6. Sandy Paw - This one lie on a flat rock on the rim of the place of the Radiant Farm. It directs to the bay in the West coast.
  7. Sandy Paw -
  8. Sandy Paw -
  9. Sandy Paw -
  10. Sandy Paw -

4 remaining
(# Sandy Paw - On a sandstone rock near the Murk on the round based rock in the West coast of Radiant Sands.)

Notes[edit | edit source]

Kari's Knowledge[edit | edit source]

As with other animals, Kari has knowledge to share (in Radiant Sands) about Sandy Paws:

You will find the Sandy Paws out and about all the time. They love sand and heat.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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