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The player gets this quest after completing Purifying the Well quest and speaking with The Wizard Dupples.



To repair the Cloud Catcher I need to seek  Arcadian Ice in the north,  Spare Parts in the mountains, and  Cloud Catcher Sails in the south.

To progress with the story you will need to complete three objectives: repair the Cloud Catcher's filter using  Arcadian Ice, repair the Cloud Catcher's motor using 26pxSpare parts, and replace old  Cloud Catcher Sails. The order you complete them does not matter, you are free to choose what to do next.

Repair FilterEdit

To get the  Arcadian Ice you need to go north to Inglenook in the Shivering Plains.

You need to complete the following quests:

  1. Uncover Information in Inglenook
  2. Finding Arcadia

After getting the Arcadian Ice go to the Cloud Catcher's filter chamber and interact with the filter to repair it.

Repair MotorEdit

To get the  Spare Parts you need to go to Cinderton in Numino Peak.

You need to complete the following quests:

  1. Seek the Master Constructor
  2. Search for Celestial Ore

After getting the Spare parts go to the Cloud Catcher's motor and interact with it to repair it.

Repair SailsEdit

To get the  Cloud Catcher Sails you need to go south to Bobbintoff in Hearthwind Vale.

You need to complete the following quests:

  1. Seek the Master Tailor
  2. Find the Moth Sanctuary
  3. Revive the Moth Sanctuary
  4. Wait for the Sanctuary to Bloom
  5. Deliver the Moth Silk to the Tailor

After getting the sails go to the Cloud Catcher, up some stairs and interact with torn sails to replace them.

Starting the Cloud CatcherEdit

After fitting the filter with the  Arcadian Ice, repairing the motor with the  Spare Parts, and replacing the  Cloud Catcher Sails speak with The Wizard Dupples. He is waiting outside the Cloud Catcher.

A cutscene will play and the Murk in the Old Kingdom will be gone. This completes the quest and starts the final story quest Discover the Truth.