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The various Quests in Yonder.

List Of Quests[edit | edit source]

The Grasslands


Dapplewood Forest

Sunderwind Wilds

Crestfall Coast

Hearthwind Vale

  • Farty Fen Bog
  • Hearthwind Vale Wooden Bridge
  • Build Hearthwind Farm
  • Sage Stone (Hearthwind Vale)
  • Needle & Thread (Tailors Guild)
  • Tailor Guild Master
  • What About Scruffy
  • The Cat Lady And Her 55 Cats
  • The Fashionable Scarecrow
  • Find The Moth Sanctuary
  • Revive The Moth Sanctuary
  • Deliver The Moth Silk To The Tailor

Radiant Sands

  • Locate The Wizard
  • Purifying The Well
  • Repair The Cloud Catcher
  • Seek The Master Tailor
  • Uncover Information In Inglenook
  • Seek The Master Constructor
  • Radiant Sands Shrine
  • Build Radiant Farm
  • Sage Stone (Radiant Sands)
  • Discover The Truth
  • Master Craftsman

Numino Peak

  • Sage Stone (Numino Peak)
  • Search For Celestial Ore
  • Build A Little (Constructors Guild)
  • Constructors Guild Master

Shivering Plains

  • Building Shivering Farm
  • Sage Stone (Shivering Plains)
  • The Great Beard Off
  • A Little Color Goes A Long Way (Brewers Guild)
  • Brewer Guild Master
  • The Shivering Plains Stone Bridge
  • Finding Arcadia
  • The Shivering Plains Wooden Bridge

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