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The various Quests in Yonder.

List Of Quests[edit | edit source]

Crestfall Coast

  1. Angle
  2. Chef Guild Master
  3. Juiced In Time
  4. Laurens Lost Lamingtons
  5. Sage Stone (Crestfall Coast)
  6. The Secret Ingredient (The Chefs Guild)

Dapplewood Forest

  1. Build Dapplewood Farm
  2. Cog & Load - Quest for becoming a Novice in the Tinker's Guild.
  3. Dapplewood Forest Bridge
  4. Dapplewood Forest Shrine
  5. Dapplewood Forest Stone Bridge
  6. Got FisH!
  7. Sage Stone (Dapplewood Forest)
  8. That's Not My Bambex!
  9. Tinker Guild Master - Quest for becoming a Master in the Tinker's Guild.
  10. Wet Weather Gear, Dear - Quest to help Polly.

Hearthwind Vale

  1. Build Hearthwind Farm
  2. Deliver The Moth Silk To The Tailor
  3. Farty Fen Bog
  4. Find The Moth Sanctuary
  5. Hearthwind Vale Wooden Bridge
  6. Needle & Thread (Tailors Guild)
  7. Revive The Moth Sanctuary
  8. Sage Stone (Hearthwind Vale)
  9. Seek the Master Tailor -
  10. Tailor Guild Master
  11. The Cat Lady And Her 55 Cats
  12. The Fashionable Scarecrow
  13. What About Scruffy

Numino Peak

  1. Build A Little (Constructors Guild)
  2. Constructors Guild Master
  3. Sage Stone (Numino Peak)
  4. Search For Celestial Ore
  5. Seek the Master Constructor -

Radiant Sands

  1. Build Radiant Farm - Quest to gain the Radiant Farm.
  2. Discover The Truth
  3. Locate the Wizard - Quest to find the eremite The Wizard Dupples.
  4. Master Craftsman
  5. Purifying the Well - Quest to clear the Murk from the well in Akuna Oasis.
  6. Radiant Sands shrine - Quest to get the Sprite Shades.png Shades.
  7. Repair the Cloud Catcher - Quest to fix the source of the Murk.
  8. Sage Stone (Radiant Sands)
  9. The Great Peace - Quest to bring atleast 95% happiness in each of the 8 provinces.


  1. Sage Stone (The Grass Lands)
  2. The Grasslands Shrine
  3. Trapping And Trading

Sunderwind Wilds

  1. An Oddly Placed Wooden Bridge
  2. A Strangely Placed Wooden Bridge
  3. Building Sunderwind Farm
  4. Carpenter Guild Master
  5. Find Help In The Village
  6. Searching For The Origin
  7. Sage Stone (Sunderwind Wilds)
  8. The Tale Of Two Siblings
  9. Wood For Planks

The Grasslands

  1. A Knack For Nackle Fish!
  2. Farming Basics
  3. Find the Missing Crew
  4. Kozis Lovely Creatures
  5. Making A Bundle
  6. Rock On
  7. Seeking Help In Fairmont
  8. The Grasslands Wooden Bridge

The Shivering Plains

  1. A Little Colour Goes a long Way - Quest for becoming a Novice in the Brewer's Guild.
  2. Brewer Guild Master - Quest for becoming a Master in the Brewer's Guild.
  3. Building Shivering Farm
  4. Finding Arcadia
  5. Sage Stone (Shivering Plains)
  6. The Great Beard Off - Quest for the Ghost Fish Stew recipe and a Mutton Chops beard.
  7. The Shivering Plains stone bridge - Quest to connect a little isle with The Shivering Plains.
  8. The Shivering Plains wooden bridge - Quest to connect a little isle with The Shivering Plains.
  9. Undercover Information in Inglenook -

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