Purifying the Well

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This quest starts automatically after the player completes the quest Locate the Wizard.

Task 1: Clear the Murk[edit | edit source]

At The Wizard Dupples request, I need to locate the village. Once there, I need to work with the Sprites to remove the Murk.

You will need to remove the Murk blocking the well at Akuna Oasis. It requires 5 sprites.

After you have gathered enough sprites go to Akuna Oasis. You need to go through the narrow passage between cliffs. The Murk you need to clear is in the western part of the village.

Task 2: Speak with the Wizard[edit | edit source]

Thanks to the Sprites the Murk no longer blocks the well. Now to head back to The Wizard Dupples and tell him the news.

Return to the Wizard. He is at his home on the northern shore. Speaking with him completes the quest. You will get the next story quest Repair the Cloud Catcher and three new questlines: Seek the Master Tailor, Uncover Information in Inglenook, and Seek the Master Constructor.