Needle & Thread

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The player can get this quest from Lion-Maned Joss in Bobbintoff if they want to join the Tailor's Guild.

Task 1: Clothing materials[edit | edit source]

I shall learn the art of the needle and thread! First up, some basic supplies to help me get started.

You need to bring Lion-Maned Joss 1xHaberdasheryIcon.pngHaberdashery and 2xClothIcon.pngCloth. You can get everything from trader here in Bobbintoff.

Gather 1xHaberdasheryIcon.pngHaberdashery and 2xClothIcon.pngCloth and talk to Joss again.

Task 2: Make clothing piece[edit | edit source]

My first attempt at making a simple tunic by hand. I hope it comes out OK.

Joss asks you to craft a clothing piece. He teaches you the recipes for crafting TailorsKitIcon.pngTailor's Kit and BasicTunicIcon.pngBasic Tunic.

Craft a BasicTunicIcon.pngBasic Tunic from the supplies you have.

Joining the Tailor's Guild[edit | edit source]

Speak with Lion-Maned Joss. He will accept you into the Guild, give you TailorsGuildNoviceBadgeIcon.pngTailor's Guild Novice Badge, and teach you the following Novice Tailor recipes:

You will also get the Tailor Guild Master quest.