Mysterious Candy

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MysteriousCandyIcon.png Mysterious Candy
This candy seems a little odd.
Something tells you it wouldn't be a good idea for you (or any other living thing) to eat it.

MysteriousCandyIcon.pngMysterious Candy is a special currency in Yonder. The only trader who accepts it is Trader Jack. All other trades are exchanges of Resources.

Where to Get It[edit | edit source]

This currency can be collected in Bobbintoff during Halloween:

  • Every green lantern you touch gives 1xMysteriousCandyIcon.pngMysterious Candy.
  • Knocking on a door with a glowing decoration gives 0x to 5xMysteriousCandyIcon.pngMysterious Candy depending on how successful the Trick or treat! game was.

Where to Spend It[edit | edit source]

There is a Halloween Pavillion in Bobbintoff. Trader Jack works there. He offers a number of Halloween themed items for sale. He says:

I'll trade you MysteriousCandyIcon.pngMysterious Candy for special items you can only find on this side of the night.