Large Animal Pen

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LargeAnimalPenIcon.png Large Animal Pen
Space to comfortably house a single large animal.
They should be very happy living here!
Value ValueSign.png363
Crafting 1xCarpentersKitIcon.png 2xNailsIcon.png 2xWoodBeamsIcon.png 2xWoodTilesIcon.png 1xPlankIcon.png
Size 4x4

The Large Animal Pen is a farming structure crafted by Carpenters.


Large Animal Pen can be crafted by Novice Carpenter using:

It can also be purchased from trader in Fairmont or tradesman at the East Docks.

Bushel will give you Large Animal Pen during the quest Farming basics.


Large Animal Pen is used in farming. It provides a living space for single large animal when placed at the farm.

Large Animal Pen occupies 4x4 area when placed at the player's farm.