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Kozi's Lovely Creatures

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The Player can get this quest from Kozi. She is in The Grasslands on the hill to the west of the South Field Farm. She asks you to find her runaway Groffles.

Return Fluffykins[edit | edit source]

Kozi's Groffles have run off and she needs help finding them. The first clue to finding Fluffykins is finding her bow.

The first Groffle you need to find is Fluffykins. Go south until you a shining bow on the ground. Continue south into Hearthwind Vale until you find another glowing bow. Eventually you will find Fluffykins. Interacting with it brings you back to Kozi. She will give you an OversizedBowIcon.pngOversized Bow as a reward.

Return Mr. Peabody[edit | edit source]

Fluffykins returned! Next up, search around for any top hats that Mr. Peabody lost.

The second Groffle you need to find is Mr. Peabody. Look for two glowing Top Hats northwest of Kozi. Eventually you will find Mr. Peabody. Interacting with it brings you back to Kozi. She will give you a TopHatIcon.pngTop Hat as a reward.

Return Princess Sparkle[edit | edit source]

Mr. Peabody has also been located. Lastly, time to look for the sparkle trail that will lead me to Princess Sparkle!

The last Groffle you need to find is Princess Sparkle. Look for glowing stars on the ground on the way to Fairmont. You will find Princess Sparkle in Fairmont up some stairs. Interacting with it brings you back to Kozi. She will give you an IOUFromKoziIcon.pngIOU From Kozi. This will complete the quest.

Kozi's Reward[edit | edit source]

After she has given you her IOUFromKoziIcon.pngIOU, you can find her in Bobbintoff near the merchant's stand. She will give you GreaserHairIcon.pngGreaser Hair.

Notes[edit | edit source]