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Key Items in Yonder are tools, quest items and badges.

Key Items are usually used for a quest or as tools. They are located in a separate tab in your backpack and don't take up normal inventory space.

Tools[edit | edit source]

Tools are the items used to gather resources. They can be selected and used to interact with the game world.

Most tools, with the exception of TrapIcon.pngTrap and TravelersKnotIcon.pngTraveler's Knot, can be used multiple times. TrapIcon.pngTrap and TravelersKnotIcon.pngTraveler's Knot are consumed on use.

Icon Name Use Source
AxeIcon.png Axe Minnie (Seeking help in Fairmont quest)
FishingPoleIcon.png Fishing Pole Theodore (A knack for Nackle fish! quest)
MalletIcon.png Mallet
  • Breaking rocks for StoneIcon.pngStone
  • Breaking crates and barrels for a variety of items
  • Smashing planks
Merek (Seeking help in Fairmont quest)
PickaxeIcon.png Pickaxe Cleat (Rock on quest)
SickleIcon.png Sickle Sly Mc'Wiley (Seeking help in Fairmont quest)
TrapIcon.png Trap Crafting: 1xTwineIcon.png 2xBundleOfSticksIcon.png

Recipe: Benedict Plantatrap (Trapping and trading quest)

TravelersKnotIcon.png Traveler's Knot
  • Teleports to any of the farms the player owns
Crafting: 2xVineIcon.png 1xStoneIcon.png

Recipe: building the first farm

Currency[edit | edit source]

Currency is used to purchase in-game resources.

Icon Name Sources Traders Accepting
MysteriousCandyIcon.png Mysterious Candy
OldKingdomCoinIcon.png Old Kingdom Coin

Badges[edit | edit source]

The player can get these badges by completing various guild quests.

Icon Name Giver Quest
ChefsGuildNoviceBadgeIcon.png Chef's Guild Novice Badge Jo Jo Cozinheiro The Secret Ingredient
ChefsGuildMasterBadgeIcon.png Chef's Guild Master Badge Jo Jo Cozinheiro Chef Guild Master
CarpentersGuildNoviceBadgeIcon.png Carpenter's Guild Novice Badge Agatha Woodgrain Carpenter's Guild
CarpentersGuildMasterBadgeIcon.png Carpenter's Guild Master Badge Agatha Woodgrain Carpenter Guild Master
ConstructorsGuildNoviceBadgeIcon.png Constructor's Guild Novice Badge Vera Brawnarm Build a Little
ConstructorsGuildMasterBadgeIcon.png Constructor's Guild Master Badge Vera Brawnarm Constructor Guild Master
TinkersGuildNoviceBadgeIcon.png Tinker's Guild Novice Badge Ruby Tick Tock Cog & Load
TinkersGuildMasterBadgeIcon.png Tinker's Guild Master Badge Ruby Tick Tock Tinker Guild Master
BrewersGuildNoviceBadgeIcon.png Brewer's Guild Novice Badge Qu the Colorful A Little Color Goes a Long Way
BrewersGuildMasterBadgeIcon.png Brewer's Guild Master Badge Qu the Colorful Brewer Guild Master
TailorsGuildNoviceBadgeIcon.png Tailor's Guild Novice Badge Lion-Maned Joss Needle & Thread
TailorsGuildMasterBadgeIcon.png Tailor's Guild Master Badge Lion-Maned Joss Tailor Guild Master
MasterCraftsmanBadgeIcon.png Master Craftsman Badge Old Hurly Master Craftsman

Fireworks[edit | edit source]

Fireworks are decorative items in Yonder. They can be selected as tools, placed on the ground and fired. They can also be loaded into a FireworkDisplayIcon.pngFirework Display.

Icon Name Ingredients Recipe Source Value*
BlueFireworkIcon.png Blue Firework 1xBrewersKitIcon.png 1xClayPotIcon.png 1xCoalIcon.png 1xCeliumSeedIcon.png 2xBlueDyeIcon.png Novice Brewer ValueSign.png253
GreenFireworkIcon.png Green Firework 1xBrewersKitIcon.png 1xClayPotIcon.png 1xCoalIcon.png 1xVineIcon.png 2xGreenDyeIcon.png Master Brewer ValueSign.png419
RedFireworkIcon.png Red Firework 1xBrewersKitIcon.png 1xClayPotIcon.png 1xCoalIcon.png 1xRedBerryIcon.png 2xRedDyeIcon.png Novice Brewer ValueSign.png319
YellowFireworkIcon.png Yellow Firework 1xBrewersKitIcon.png 1xClayPotIcon.png 1xCoalIcon.png 1xAyvaFlowerIcon.png 2xYellowDyeIcon.png Novice Brewer ValueSign.png157

*Although fireworks have value, they cannot be traded.

Quest Items[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Quest
IOUFromKoziIcon.png IOU From Kozi Kozi's Lovely Creatures
ToyCatIcon.png Toy Cat What to do about Scruffly
CelestialOreIcon.png Celestial Ore Search for Celestial Ore
FieryBoomWaterIcon.png Fiery Boom-Water Finding Arcadia
GiantMothSilkIcon.png Giant Moth Silk Deliver the Moth Silk to the Tailor
ArcadianIceIcon.png Arcadian Ice Repair the Cloud Catcher
CloudCatcherSailsIcon.png Cloud Catcher Sails Repair the Cloud Catcher
SparePartsIcon.png Spare Parts Repair the Cloud Catcher
FishermansMateIcon.png Fisherman's Mate The Cat Lady and Her 55 Cats
GreenWhiskersIcon.png Green Whiskers The Cat Lady and Her 55 Cats
MidnightRunnerIcon.png Midnight Runner The Cat Lady and Her 55 Cats
MountainMoggieIcon.png Mountain Moggie The Cat Lady and Her 55 Cats
PurpleRexIcon.png Purple Rex The Cat Lady and Her 55 Cats
SandyPawIcon.png Sandy Paw The Cat Lady and Her 55 Cats
SnowyLongtailIcon.png Snowy Longtail The Cat Lady and Her 55 Cats
SnowyMilkIcon.png Snowy Milk The Cat Lady and Her 55 Cats
SpottedBrownCatIcon.png Spotted Brown Cat The Cat Lady and Her 55 Cats
SummerBlueIcon.png Summer Blue The Cat Lady and Her 55 Cats
SummerLongtailIcon.png Summer Longtail The Cat Lady and Her 55 Cats

Achievements[edit | edit source]