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Hide is a hunting item in Yonder. It is used in many crafting recipes.

HideIcon.png Hide
The skin of an animal.
Value ValueSign.png50
Animal Fenicorn.pngFenicorn



Hide is one of the items that can be found in a set  Trap.

 Fenicorn produces Hides when housed on a farm.

Hide can be bought from many traders in Bobbintoff, Cinderton, Fiffledip Tanners, and East Docks.

Hide can also be found in barrels and crates by breaking them with a  Mallet.

One Hide can be found in a chest in Fiffledip Tanners in Hearthwind Vale





  • 2 used in  Field Hat
  • 1 used in  Shepherd's Smock
  • Constructor

  • 1 used in  Blacksmith's Apron
  • 1 used in  Blacksmith's Tails
  • Master

  • 1 used in  Master Craftsman's Kit

  • Quests