Hearthwind Vale

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Hearthwind Vale
Hearthwind Vale
A region full of plateaus, valleys and swamps

Cities 1. Bobbintoff, 2. Fiffledip Tanners
Quests 1. Build Hearthwind Farm, 2. Deliver The Moth Silk To The Tailor, 3. Farty Fen Bog,
4. Find The Moth Sanctuary, 5. Hearthwind Vale Wooden Bridge, 6. Needle & Thread (Tailors Guild), 7. Revive The Moth Sanctuary, 8. Sage Stone (Hearthwind Vale),
9. Seek the Master Tailor, 10. Tailor Guild Master, 11. The Cat Lady And Her 55 Cats, 12. The Fashionable Scarecrow, 13. What About Scruffy, 14. [[]]
Animals 1. DipFishIcon.pngDip Fish, 2. Fabbit.pngFabbit, 3. 26pxFulgur Fish, 4. GhostFishIcon.pngGhost Fish, 5. KingFishIcon.pngKing Fish, 6. LaceFishIcon.pngLace Fish, 7. LuckyBronzeFishIcon.pngLucky Bronze Fish, 8. 26pxLucky Silver Fish, 9. LuckyGoldenFish2.pngLucky Golden Fish, 10. NackleFishIcon.pngNackle Fish, 11. PrinceFishIcon.pngPrince Fish, 12. PrincessFishIcon.pngPrincess Fish, 13. SilkFoxIcon.pngSilk Fox, 14. 26pxQueen Fish, 15. 26pxYang Fish, 16. 26pxYin Fish
Trees  ? / 76 SinosaSeedIcon.pngSinosa Tree
Plants 1. FodderIcon.pngGrass, 2. MoonsilkFlowerIcon.pngMoonsilk Flower, 3. MushroomIcon.pngMushroom, 4. VineIcon.pngVine
Cats 8x MountainMoggieIcon.pngMountain Moggie
Murk  ? 26pxMurk
Sprites 1. Bolt.pngBolt, 2. Crescent.pngCrescent, 3. Fright.pngFright, 4. Whiffy.pngWhiffy, 5. Woodrow.pngWoodrow
Residents Bogeyman, Ghoul, Hipsterious, Imp, Kari, Lion-Maned Joss, Merchant otOK: Bobbintoff, Shade, Tack the Sailor, Tanner, Trader Jack, Tradesman: Bobbintoff, Tradesman: Fiffledip Tanners, Violet

Hearthwind Vale is one Province of Gemea.

Description[edit | edit source]

Here grow Sinosa Trees. The spiral formed trees dominte the landscape. In this biome grow flowers next to vines, grass, mushrooms. The fauna contains Fabbits. Mountain Muggle cats can be found here. This province is hard to explore because a lot of stone plateaus hinder the traveling. There is a swamp. On the coast line the most buildings are located. Bobbintoff is the coast city in the North west. Caves and relics wants to be explored.

Notes[edit | edit source]

There are 5 sprites in Hearthwind Vale

Whiffy is found inside a broken shrine in the bog area of Hearthwind Vale. You need 8 Moonsilk flowers which can be found in Sunderwind Wilds.

Crescent is a bit west past where Bolt is found. There should be an opening beside a house and a stone wall where you can walk out onto a ledge. Crescent is found at nighttime in the middle of the ledge.

Bolt is found on the upper level of Bobbintoff inside a rack of fabrics

Woodrow is inside the Moth Sanctuary

Fright is found at the two Fabbit statues on the northern edge of Hearthwind Vale. The north head needs to be facing north west, the south head needs to be facing south west.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Farty Fen Bog - There is a broken shrine in the bog in the southern part of Hearthwind Vale, you will need 8 Moonsilk flowers to repair the shrine. Moonsilk flowers can be found in Sunderwind Wilds.

Hearthwind Vale Wooden Bridge - After clearing some murk in the southern part of Hearthwind Vale using 7 sprites, you will need 15 wood and 8 vines to build a suspension bridge.

Build Hearthwind Farm - In the southwestern area of Hearthwind Vale there is a sign post on a cliff. You will need 15 wood and 8 vines to build a farm.

Needle and Thread - Tailor's Guild - In Bobbintoff, in the southeastern part of Hearthwind Vale on a peninsula, is Lion-Maned Joss, the master of the Tailor's Guild. You will need 2 cloth and 1 Haberdashery. These can be found at a trader's in town. Craft a basic tunic using the materials.

What About Scruffly - Center of Bobbintoff by the huge ball of yarn. You will need 2 yarn, 2 twine, 1 silk, 1 cloth, and 1 haberdashery to make a toy cat. 

Find the Moth Sanctuary - The Moth Sanctuary is on the western side of Hearthwind Vale. You need 7 sprites to enter it.

Revive the Moth Sanctuary - You need 3 Celium flowers, 3 Lyabud flowers, and 3 Moonsilk flowers. Give them to the sprite Woodrow

Wait for the Sanctuary to Bloom - Wait two days then come back.

Deliver the moth silk to the tailor - After two days Woodrow will have the silk. Take it back to Teagin Gabardine.

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