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Halloween is a Festival that is celebrated in Bobbintoff in Hearthwind Vale during Autumn.

During this night the city is decorated with glowing pumpkins, green laterns and gigantic candles. Pink fog and flying candles float through the air. Bats fly though the city. The citiziens wearing fitting costumes like Bogeyman, Ghoul, Imp or Shade. Every house door has a traditional glowing decoration added.

Starting the Festival[edit | edit source]

When the player goes to Bobbintoff during Fall the player's active sprite companion appears and asks if they want to participate. The festival starts if they choose to participate.

If it is the first time the player attends Halloween, they will be presented with two costume options: Witch or Vampire Butler. Dressing up as a Witch makes the player wear WitchyTopIcon.pngWitchy Top, WitchyBottomsIcon.pngWitchy Bottoms, WitchyHatIcon.pngWitchy Hat, and WitchyGlassesIcon.pngWitchy Glasses, and BatPackIcon.pngBat-Pack. Dressing up as a Vampire Butler makes the player wear ButlersJacketIcon.pngButlers Jacket, ButlerSlacksIcon.pngButler Slacks, BowlerHatIcon.pngBowler Hat, BallMaskIcon.pngBall Mask, and TomeBackpackIcon.pngTome Backpack. The clothing stays in the inventory after the festival ends.

Collecting the Candy[edit | edit source]

After the player wears the costume MysteriousCandyIcon.pngMysterious Candy can be collected. Every green lantern they touch gives 1 MysteriousCandyIcon.pngMysterious Candy. Knocking on a house door gives 0 - 5 MysteriousCandyIcon.pngMysterious Candy depending how successful the Trick or treat! game was. After knocking the door its decoration stops glowing.

MysteriousCandyIcon.pngMysterious Candy isn't edible. It can be used as currency to buy Halloween items in the Festival Pavilion.

Trading[edit | edit source]

Trader Jack is in in the Festival Pavilion. He is a Scarecrow in Butler Outfit and with a TopHatIcon.pngTop Hat on his burning head. He starts the trade with following words:

I'll trade your MysteriousCandyIcon.png Mysterious Candy for special items you can only find on this side of the night.

Farm Items[edit | edit source]

Trader Jack has 3x of the following items in his Festival Pavillion.

Price Icon Name Size Type Value
9 MysteriousCandyIcon.png StackoJacksIcon.png Stack-o'-Jacks 3x3 Lantern ValueSign.png420
22 MysteriousCandyIcon.png CreepyCauldronIcon.png Creepy Cauldron 2x2 Decoration ValueSign.png910
18 MysteriousCandyIcon.png HalloweenScarecrowIcon.png Halloween Scarecrow 1x1 Decoration ValueSign.png735

Wearable Items[edit | edit source]

Price Icon Name Type Value
15 MysteriousCandyIcon.png BatPackIcon.png Bat-Pack Backpack ValueSign.png295
15 MysteriousCandyIcon.png TomeBackpackIcon.png Tome Backpack Backpack ValueSign.png295
8 MysteriousCandyIcon.png WitchyHatIcon.png Witchy Hat Hat ValueSign.png205
8 MysteriousCandyIcon.png BowlerHatIcon.png Bowler Hat Hat ValueSign.png205
8 MysteriousCandyIcon.png WitchyGlassesIcon.png Witchy Glasses Glasses ValueSign.png210
8 MysteriousCandyIcon.png BallMaskIcon.png Ball Mask Glasses ValueSign.png210
13 MysteriousCandyIcon.png WitchyTopIcon.png Witchy Top Top ValueSign.png260
13 MysteriousCandyIcon.png ButlersJacketIcon.png Butlers Jacket Top ValueSign.png260
8 MysteriousCandyIcon.png WitchyBottomsIcon.png Witchy Bottoms Bottoms ValueSign.png260
8 MysteriousCandyIcon.png ButlerSlacksIcon.png Butler Slacks Bottoms ValueSign.png260

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The player can take part in the Halloween Festival again every year.
  • The player gets a new costume only the fist time they participate in this festival. Every next year they don't get a new costume and can wear normal clothes during this event. The active sprite's text also changes a little. Some citizens like Bogeymen comment the missing costume:
Oh my! I love your costume!

Such a convincing Sprite-Seer...
  • Trader Jack's shop is restocked every Halloween.
  • After leaving the Halloween night the activated Sprite says:
Halloween happens every Fall, in Bobbintoff.

Let's come again next time!
  • After leaving the Halloween night all decorations in Bobbintoff vanish, so the player can celebrate Halloween exactly once each Autumn.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The costume wearing citiziens of Bobbintoff talk about Halloween.

  • Ghouls say:
This took so much time to put together. You better appreciate it!
  • Imps say:
Ugh! Why do people want to celebrate creepy things?

I sure hope nothing scary happens!

Why isn't this trending on Social Media?

Tonight is all about the candy!
  • Shades say:
I wonder if animals celebrate Halloween?

I love this time of year!