Gold Ingot

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GoldIngotIcon.png Gold Ingot
An ingot made from gold ore.
Value ValueSign.png162
Crafting 1xConstructorsKitIcon.png 1xLeadOreIcon.png 2xGoldOreIcon.png 2xCoalIcon.png

The Gold Ingot is a crafting item created by Constructors.

Sources[edit | edit source]

The Gold Ingot is crafted by Master Constructor using:

It can also be bought from a trader in Arbre Ridge.

Uses[edit | edit source]




  • 1 used in YellowShampooIcon.pngYellow Shampoo
  • Tailor

  • 1 used in RoundSatchelBackpackIcon.pngRound Satchel Backpack
  • Master

  • 1 used in ButterflyHairpieceIcon.pngButterfly Hairpiece
  • 1 used in ExquisiteCakeIcon.pngExquisite Cake
  • 1 used in GoldLeatherHaversackIcon.pngGold Leather Haversack