Fluff Cub

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Fluff Cub
Fluff Cub
A large but very gentle animal that lives in the icy north.
Season Spring
Location The Shivering Plains
Max Size Large
Food CookedFishIcon.pngCooked Fish
Produce FluffIcon.pngFluff

The Fluff Cub is an animal found in The Shivering Plains. It can be found during Spring, Autumn or Winter and likes to eat CookedFishIcon.pngCooked Fish.

Fluff Cub can be adopted if you have an empty LargeAnimalPenIcon.pngLarge Animal Pen or SturdyLargeAnimalPenIcon.pngSturdy Large Animal Pen at the farm. It produces FluffIcon.pngFluff while living in the pen.

Kari's Knowledge[edit | edit source]

As with other animals, Kari has knowledge to share about Fluff Cubs:

Fluff Cubs really like CookedFishIcon.pngCooked Fish.

Fluff Cubs have unique nose prints.

Fluff Cubs sneeze to signal that they're playing.

A group of Fluff Cubs is called a snuggle.

Fluff Cubs smell with their tongue.