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FluffIcon.png Fluff
A small clump of extremely soft hair shed by and animal.
Value ValueSign.png50
Animal FluffCub.pngFluff CubGirpacca.pngGirpacca

Fluff is a hunting item in Yonder.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Fluff is produced by FluffCub.pngFluff Cub and Girpacca.pngGirpacca on a farm.

Fluff can also be bought from traders in Cinderton, Wimblewick, Frostfire Potters, Deconstruction Den, and East Docks.

Uses[edit | edit source]




  • 1 used in EarmuffsIcon.pngEarmuffs
  • 1 used in FurCoatIcon.pngFur Coat
  • 2 used in FurLinedTrousersIcon.pngFur-Lined Trousers
  • 2 used in WinterLayersIcon.pngWinter Layers
  • 2 used in YarnIcon.pngYarn