Fishing Pole

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FishingPoleIcon.png Fishing Pole
A reliable fishing pole. Use it to land fish from bodies of water.

The FishingPoleIcon.png Fishing Pole is a key item used for catching fish.


The player can get a Fishing Pole for free from Theodore in Goldlake when he gives the quest A knack for Nackle fish!.

A Fishing Pole can also be bought from traders in Fairmont and Goldlake.


Select the Fishing Pole, stand near any water body and press the action button. You will enter the fishing mini-game (there is a quick tutorial first time you do that). After the fish you need spawns get your bobber in front of it so it can bite. After the fish bites reel it in by dragging the bobber in the direction opposite of its movement.


Every fish in the game must be caught with a pole.