Fertilizer Maker

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FertilizerMakerIcon.png Fertilizer Maker
Add some fodder and after time fertilizer comes out.
Value ValueSign.png646
Crafting 1xTinkersKitIcon.png 1xGearsIcon.png 1xCogsIcon.png 1xBitsAndBobsIcon.png 1xOilIcon.png 1xMachinePartsIcon.png 1xClayIcon.png 1xCoalIcon.png
Size 2x2

FertilizerMakerIcon.png Fertilizer Maker is a farm structure made by Tinkers.

Source[edit | edit source]

Fertilizer Maker is crafted by Novice Tinker using:

Use[edit | edit source]

Fertilizer Maker can be placed on a farm to automatically produce 1xFertilizerIcon.pngFertilizer from cleaned-up animal poop.

The player can also interact with Fertilizer Maker to manually produce 1xFertilizerIcon.pngFertilizer from 10xFodderIcon.pngFodder.

Fertilizer Maker occupies 2x2 area when placed on the player's farm.