Farming basics

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Bushel gives you this quest after you repair South Field Farm.

Place a Large Animal Pen[edit | edit source]

Bushel gave me a few items to get my farm started. I just need to use the Farm Book to edit the farm and place them.

Bushel will give you a GardenPlotIcon.pngGarden Plot, a TreePlotIcon.pngTree Plot, a LargeAnimalPenIcon.pngLarge Animal Pen, a SmallAnimalPenIcon.pngSmall Animal Pen, and FodderTroughIcon.pngFodder Troughs and WaterTroughIcon.pngWater Troughs, two each. Go to the Farm Book and place the large pen anywhere you want, then talk to Bushel.

Befriend a Groffle[edit | edit source]

Bushel asked me to befriend a Groffle. I need to feed it a CeliumSeedIcon.pngCelium Seed, and bring it back to the farm.

He will teach you the recipe for CeliumSeedIcon.pngCelium Seed. Craft it by using 1xStoneIcon.pngStone and 1xCeliumFlowerIcon.pngCelium Flower. The flowers are abundant in the area.

Approach the nearest Groffle, give it the seed, walk it back to the farm and adopt it to complete the quest.