Deliver the Moth Silk to the Tailor

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This is the fifth and final quest in the questline to get the CloudCatcherSailsIcon.pngCloud Catcher Sails to repair the Cloud Catcher. The player will get this quest automatically after completing Wait for the Sanctuary to Bloom quest.

Task 1: Collect the Silk[edit | edit source]

Once I have collected all of the silk I need, I need to deliver it back to Teagin Gabardine in Bobbintoff.

You need to collect the GiantMothSilkIcon.pngGiant Moth Silk from the cocoons scattered throughout the Sanctuary. There are a total of six cocoons, they are very easy to spot.

Task 2: Make the Sails[edit | edit source]

After collecting all six pieces of GiantMothSilkIcon.pngGiant Moth Silk return to Bobbintoff and speak with Teagin Gabardine. You spend three days and night making the sails. You get CloudCatcherSailsIcon.pngCloud Catcher Sails afterwards.

This completes the quest. Now you can return to the Cloud Catcher and repair its sails.

Achievements[edit | edit source]