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Deconstruction Den

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Deconstruction Den
Deconstruction Den
A small factory that produces BitsAndBobsIcon.pngBits and Bobs.
Province Dapplewood Forest

Deconstruction Den is a trading post location in Dapplewood Forest. Here the player can exchange ValueSign.png50 worth of items for one Bits and Bobs.

Description[edit | edit source]

Deconstruction Den is a small trading post located on a hill near the center of Dapplewood Forest, resembling a factory with its many gears and moving objects.

Only two residents live here: Deconstructor exchanges ValueSign.png50 worth of items for 1 BitsAndBobsIcon.pngBits and Bobs, and the trader sells various items, including a few Tinker related ones.

Gallery[edit | edit source]