Dapplewood Forest

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Dapplewood Forest
Dapplewood Forest
A forest region crossed with creeks

Cities 1. Arbre Ridge, 2. Deconstruction Den
Quests 1. Build Dapplewood Farm, 2. Cog & Load, 3. Dapplewood Forest Bridge,
4. Dapplewood Forest Shrine, 5. Dapplewood Forest Stone Bridge, 6. Got FisH!,
7. Sage Stone (Dapplewood Forest), 8. That's Not My Bambex!, 9. Tinker Guild Master, 10. Wet Weather Gear, Dear
Animals 1. 26pxBambex, 2. DipFishIcon.pngDip Fish, 3. 26pxFulgur Fish, 4. GhostFishIcon.pngGhost Fish, 5. JungleFoxIcon.pngJungle Fox, 6. KingFishIcon.pngKing Fish, 7. LaceFishIcon.pngLace Fish, 8. LuckyBronzeFishIcon.pngLucky Bronze Fish, 9. 26pxLucky Silver Fish, 10. LuckyGoldenFish2.pngLucky Golden Fish, 11. NackleFishIcon.pngNackle Fish, 12. PrinceFishIcon.pngPrince Fish, 13. PrincessFishIcon.pngPrincess Fish, 14. 26pxQueen Fish, 15. 26pxYang Fish, 16. 26pxYin Fish
Trees  ? / 76 26pxMyleaf Tree
Plants (1. FodderIcon.pngGrass,) 2. LyabudFlowerIcon.pngLyabud Flower, (3. MushroomIcon.pngMushroom,) 4. VineIcon.pngVine
Cats  ? GreenWhiskersIcon.pngGreen Whiskers,  ? PurpleRexIcon.pngPurple Rex
Murk  ? 26pxMurk
Sprites 1. Glow.pngGlow, 2. Romp.pngRomp, 3. Sap.pngSap
Residents Deconstructer, Fleur, Grandpa Gidie, Jasper, Kari, Louise, Polly, Ruby Tick Tock, Tradesman: Arbre Ridge, Tradesman: Deconstruction Den, Violet
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Dapplewood Forest is one Province of Gemea.

Description[edit | edit source]

Dapplewood Forest is a beautiful forest that is east of the grasslands. The native animal is the Bambex and the native tree is the Mayleaf tree.

Notes[edit | edit source]

There are three sprites in Dapplewood Forest

Romp is near the sage stone in Dapplewood forest. Give the man Bob 5 dip fish and you will get Romp

Glow is by the western river, on the east side. Talk to the person by the campfire and bring them a raincoat. You can make a raincoat or trade for one.

Sap is in a broken shrine on the eastern coast of Dapplewood Forest. You need 10 vines and 4 twine to fix the shrine.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Build Dapplewood Farm - Between the two rivers is some murk you need 8 sprites to clear. To build the farm you need 15 wood and 8 vine.

Got fIsH? - Near the Dapplewood Forest Sage Stone, on the east side of the western river, is a man. Give him 5 dipfish.

Sage Stone-Dapplewood Forest - On the northeastern side of the western river in Dapplewood Forest is a Sage Stone. After talking to it, befriend one of the Bambexes that can be found to the north of the stone and bring it to the Sage Stone.

Dapplewood Forest Stone Bridge - On the west side of the western river, near the middle, is a sign post. Bring 15 stone, 4 stone arches, and 6 stone pillars to build a bridge there.

That's Not My Bambex - On the east side of the eastern river in Dapplewood Forest, there is a man by a campfire who wants you to bring him his Bambex. You will need to bring him 3-4 bambexes before he finds his.

Dapplewood Forest Shrine - On the eastern shore of the forest is a broken shrine. You need 10 vines and 4 twine to fix it. You get Sap the sprite for fixing it.

Dapplewood Forest Bridge - Northeast of the Sage Stone is a ledge with a sign post. You need 10 planks and 8 twine to build a bridge.

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