Crestfall Coast

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Crestfall Coast
Crestfall Coast
A coastal, temperate region
Cities Mocha Bay
Quests  ?
Animals SprigPig.pngSprig-pig
Trees 104 PopomoSeedIcon.pngPopomo Tree
Plants ButtaberryFlowerIcon.pngButtaberry Flower
Cats 6 SummerLongtailIcon.pngSummer Longtail
1 SummerBlueIcon.pngSummer Blue
Murk  ?
Sprites 3

Crestfall Coast is one of eight regions in Gemea.

Description[edit | edit source]

Crestfall Coast is located along the south-eastern coastline of Gemea. It is considered to be the tropical biome of the land, populated by the palm tree-like PopomoSeedIcon.pngPopomo Tree and being home to the Residents of the coastal town Mocha Bay. SprigPig.pngSprig-pigs have called Crestfall Coast their home, giving the impression that the region has many moving flowery bushes. Mocha Bay is the headquarters of the Chef's Guild, lead by Jo Jo Cozinheiro.

Riverdrift Mill is also located here, trading 5 of any Flower for 1 FlourIcon.pngFlour.

Resources[edit | edit source]

ButtaberryFlowerIcon.pngButtaberry Flowers are the native Flower of Crestfall Coast, growing all around the region, whilst the PopomoSeedIcon.pngPopomo Tree is the region's native tree.

As with any other regions, Ore Veins and Boulders can be found scattered about the region.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Sprites[edit | edit source]