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This quest can be started in Arbre Ridge in the Dapplewood Forest. The player can get it from Ruby Tick Tock if they want to join the Tinker's Guild.

Part 1: Cogs[edit | edit source]

I'd better bring Ruby Tick Tock the items quickly. I'd hate for her to change her mind about letting me in the Tinker Guild.

Ruby gives you 1xTinkersKitIcon.pngTinker's Kit, 1xMachinePartsIcon.pngMachine Parts, 2xIronIngotIcon.pngIron Ingot, and 1xBitsAndBobsIcon.pngBits and Bobs. She also teaches you the recipes for crafting a TinkersKitIcon.pngTinker's Kit and some CogsIcon.pngCogs and asks to bring her the cogs.

Just craft the CogsIcon.pngCogs using the items Ruby Tick Tock gave you and speak with her again.

Part 2: Cog-Boxes[edit | edit source]

Next Ruby Tick Tock says there is a problem with the Orrery and asks you to check 5 yellow Cog-Boxes in the village.

All five Cog-Boxes are in the village. Their locations are:

  1. On the large stone in the center of the village, under the Orrery.
  2. Behind Louise's wagon.
  3. In Fleur's cave behind the table.
  4. In the area Jasper is. A stone and a box cover it.
  5. On the stone ledge on the path to Ruby's observatory.

The order you interact with them is not important. After you check the last Cog-Box you find the problem (and get a loaf of BreadIcon.pngBread).

Joining the Tinker's Guild[edit | edit source]

After checking every Cog-Box speak with Ruby Tick Tock. She will accept you into the Guild, give you TinkersGuildNoviceBadgeIcon.pngTinker's Guild Novice Badge, and teach you the following Novice Tinker recipes:

You will also get the Tinker Guild Master quest.