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CoalIcon.png Coal
A combustible, black sedimentary rock.
Value ValueSign.png30
Animal Soot Fox

Coal is one of the basic resources in Yonder. It is used in various crafting recipes.


The player can get coal by mining ore veins with their PickaxeIcon.pngPickaxe or occasionally by breaking crates and barrels with their MalletIcon.pngMallet.

Coal can be traded for 5 StickIcon.pngSticks in Cinderton.

Soot Fox produces coal when housed on the farm.





  • 1 used in WoodenLampPostIcon.pngWooden Lamp Post
  • Constructor

  • 2 used in CopperIngotIcon.pngCopper Ingot
  • 2 used in GoldIngotIcon.pngGold Ingot
  • 1 used in IronIngotIcon.pngIron Ingot
  • 2 used in LeadIngotIcon.pngLead Ingot
  • 2 used in SilverIngotIcon.pngSilver Ingot
  • Tinker

  • 1 used in FertilizerMakerIcon.pngFertilizer Maker
  • Brewer

  • 2 used in BlackDyeIcon.pngBlack Dye
  • 1 used in BlueFireworkIcon.pngBlue Firework
  • 1 used in FieryBoomWaterIcon.pngFiery Boom-Water
  • 1 used in GreenFireworkIcon.pngGreen Firework
  • 1 used in RedFireworkIcon.pngRed Firework
  • 1 used in YellowFireworkIcon.pngYellow Firework

  • Quests