Blue Berry Seed

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BlueBerrySeedIcon.png Blue Berry Seed
Will grow into a Blue Berry Bush.
Value ValueSign.png1

The Blue Berry Seed is a seed that can be planted on a farm.

Sources[edit | edit source]

2xBlueBerrySeedIcon.pngBlue Berry Seeds can be created from 1xBlueBerryIcon.pngBlue Berry using a SeedMakerIcon.pngSeed Maker.

Blue Berry Seed can also be bought from trader in Inglenook.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Blue Berry Seed can be planted into a GardenPlotIcon.pngGarden Plot, StoneGardenPlotIcon.pngStone Garden Plot, or PlanterBoxIcon.pngPlanter Box placed on a farm. It grows into a Blue Berry Bush which produces BlueBerryIcon.pngBlue Berries over time. Blue Berries can be harvested manually or automatically.