Bits and Bobs

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BitsAndBobsIcon.png Bits and Bobs
An assortment of small items.
Value ValueSign.png30

The Bits and Bobs is a crafting item traded for in Deconstruction Den.

Sources[edit | edit source]

A Bits and Bobs can be traded for ValueSign.png50 worth of any items in Deconstruction Den in Dapplewood Forest.

It can also be bought from many traders in Gemea.

Uses[edit | edit source]




  • 1 used in BlackRimmedGlassesIcon.pngBlack-Rimmed Glasses
  • 1 used in ButterChurnerIcon.pngButter Churner
  • 1 used in CheeseMakerIcon.pngCheese Maker
  • 1 used in CogsIcon.pngCogs
  • 1 used in FertilizerMakerIcon.pngFertilizer Maker
  • 1 used in FireworkDisplayIcon.pngFirework Display
  • 1 used in GearsIcon.pngGears
  • 1 used in SeedMakerIcon.pngSeed Maker
  • 1 used in SpinningWheelIcon.pngSpinning Wheel
  • 1 used in SunglassesIcon.pngSunglasses
  • Master

  • 1 used in FancyFodderTroughIcon.pngFancy Fodder Trough