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Scattered throughout the island of Gemea are wondrous and delightful creatures.



You can befriend and adopt any of these animals.

To house animals on your farm you need to build and place farming structures for them first.  Large Animal Pens and  Small Animal Pens (or  Sturdy Large Animal Pens and  Sturdy Small Animal Pens) are necessary to adopt animals. They house one large or one small animal respectively.

After placing the appropriate structure interact with the animal while having their favorite food in inventory. You can now feed the animal until it follows you, then walk it back to your farm (feeding it more if necessary) and adopt it.

Animals housed on the farm produce resources over time. Their produce is placed in the big red chest at the farm for you to pick up. Each creature produces a different product.

Animals can be released by interacting with the menu for the pen they are currently in, freeing it for the new animal.

Animal Care RatingEdit

 Fodder Troughs and  Water Troughs keep the animals happy on the farm. You need to place one of each per one large or two small animals to keep maximum Animal Care rating.

You can also interact with an animal to bring this rating up.

List of AnimalsEdit

There are 16 species of animals in the game.

Image Name Feed Produce Size Location Season
  Grass Fox  Fodder  Clay Small The Grasslands Spring • Summer • Fall
  Burrow Fox  Fodder  Stone Small Sunderwind Wilds All
  Frost Fox  Fodder  Water Small The Shivering Plains Fall • Winter • Spring
  Gloss Fox  Fodder  Oil Small Crestfall Coast Spring • Summer • Fall
  Jungle Fox  Fodder  Vine Small Dapplewood Forest All
  Silk Fox  Fodder  Silk Small Hearthwind Vale Fall • Winter • Spring
  Soot Fox  Fodder  Coal Small Numino Peak Spring • Summer • Fall
  Groffle  Celium Seed  Groffle Milk Large The Grasslands Spring • Summer • Winter
  Bambex  Vine  Pelt Small Dapplewood Forest Spring • Fall • Winter
  Squomble  Wood  Stick Small Sunderwind Wilds All
  Fabbit  Herbs  Egg Small Hearthwind Vale All
  Fenicorn  Poutine  Hide Large Radiant Sands Spring • Summer • Fall
  Girpacca  Warm Milk  Fluff Large Numino Peak Spring • Fall • Winter
  Fluff Cub  Cooked Fish  Fluff Large The Shivering Plains Spring • Fall • Winter
  Sprig-pig  Mushroom Flowers:           Small Crestfall Coast Spring • Fall • Winter
  Kirin  Lucky Rainbow Fish Dye:          
Large Any Any


Note that you don't need to adopt Kirin to get this achievement.